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Montauk, NY

Designers will be featured in the premier event in Montauk, celebrating the East End’s exquisite range of creatives in the worlds of fashion, art, film, and entertainment.

This summer, Offshore Fashion Week Montauk 2023 will be Montauk's most sought-after show, with displays of electrifying performances, creative installations, and exclusive exhibitions. Amidst our stunning locations, guests will be immersed in the latest trends in fashion, art, design, and tech.

Image by Jahongir ismoilov
Register to be on our complimentary guestlist for June 24, 2023 at Montauk Beach House

Upcoming Events:
July 15th - Fashion & Art Event
August 19th - Fashion & Art Event

September 15-17th - Offshore Art & Film Festival 
  “Offshore Fashion Night”


Montauk, NY

Offshore is dedicated to providing a creative atmosphere for the emergence of innovative independent designersin showcasing their films. Our mission is to curate a select core of storytellers who bring new ideas and personal experiences through the film medium. Our audience of creatives, celebrities, industry insiders, and local personalities are hungrier than ever for filmmakers to share their stories of human experiences, innovative artistic expression, environmental connection, and overall fun through a variety of film categories. 


Montauk, NY

By fashion and film with a vastly reenergized art world, we offer an experience unlike anything you’ve seen before. Recently enhanced art walks showcasing local and nationally emerging creatives will give our audience a unique glimpse into that hard-to-reach world. The art walk is imagined with a new and changing theme each year. 

We curate a list of influential artists, both local and national, to give our audience an engaging understanding of their work. We will include photography highlighting Surf culture, 3d instagramable installations, NFT panels, and much more. For our inaugural summer, we are proud to announce a private exhibition of the work of FRANK STELLA. 

Image by Jahongir ismoilov
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